eBookTracker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is eBookTracker?

eBookTracker is an online tool that allows users to track sales rank and price data for Kindle books on the Amazon.com site.

What does it cost to use eBookTracker?

eBookTracker is currently offered at no cost to users.

How does eBookTracker work?

Registered users specify which books they'd like to have tracked through a simple lookup/add form. eBookTracker begins tracking and storing sales rank and pricing data for each book from the time that book is added to the user's collection of tracked books.

Users can access current sales rank and pricing data, as well as historical reports, for books they have chosen to track by logging into the eBookTracker site. Users can also choose to opt in for email notifications of certain pricing or sales rank changes.

Where does eBookTracker get its data?

eBookTracker gets its data in real time from Amazon.com's databases. However, the eBookTracker site is not affiliated with Amazon.com or Amazon, Inc. in any way.

Is eBookTracker data guaranteed to be 100% accurate, functional and timely?

eBookTracker serves data to its users as provided by Amazon.com; as such, any data inaccuracies or delays in Amazon.com's databases will be carried over to eBookTracker. Also, while we strive to maintain 100% uptime of our site and servers, technical difficulties can occur and may temporarily affect site availability and/or functionality.

Finally, note that book details such as genre, author name(s), price and so on are provided to Amazon, Inc. by publishers and authors, and neither Amazon, Inc. nor eBookTracker can guarantee the accuracy of any book information provided by these outside parties.

What are some common uses for eBookTracker?

Authors and publishers may wish to track how their books are performing in terms of sales rank, whether as standalone data, in comparison to other books from the same author or publisher, or in comparison to competitors' books. Authors and publishers may also want to keep track of when, and by how much, Amazon is discounting their books.

Book bloggers and serious fans of certain authors or genres may wish to keep tabs on how books of interest are moving up and down the sales rank ladder.

"Power Readers" who are budget-conscious may wish to track specific books in order to be notified when those books hit a certain, desired price point.